February 20, 2017

It seems we are having a Strawberry Spring, according to my husband. Whatever it is, I’m enjoying the warmer temperatures and all the sunshine. Mostly the sunshine because it seemed like the beginning of the year was cloudy for days and days and days. Which would have been okay if those clouds had brought lots of snow. Meg the dog would have loved that, too.

I had some fun this weekend with a visit to Urgent Care that ended up becoming a visit to the ER because the Urgent Care place didn’t have an X-ray machine. What? Yeah. I hurt my shoulder over a week ago picking up a box. The box wasn’t that heavy! I’m just a klutz. I re-injured it trying to get some pasta off the top shelf at the grocery store yesterday. Apparently Kroger thinks only very tall people eat gluten free pasta. But, I got my pasta! And after the ER visit, some very good pain relievers.

Meg the dog and I did our therapy visit on Saturday morning. She got lots of good treats. Eggs and bacon and yummy dog treats. And there was the wide open window in the car to stick her head out while we drove around town. Here’s a picture of her doing her thing. She’s looking pretty happy with herself. 0107171027

Now, who wants to come clean my house for me? It’s a wee bit difficult with one fully functional arm.

February 17, 2017

I’ve been listening to audiobooks more. Signed up for an account with Audible several months ago when I was going to the gym regularly. (Back before the appendectomy, throat surgery, and general life craziness.) Finally getting through the Game of Thrones books that way. Reading them in print killed me about halfway through the third book.

But I also take breaks from those with other books. I just finished Into the Light. Not a bad story, except it ended on a cliff hanger. Now I’ve got to move right into the next book, Away from the Dark. Reminder: don’t listen to the book if the husband is around because he’ll ask what smut I’m listening to now. Although there weren’t that many smutty parts. Just enough to make me blush.

Yes, I do still read actual paper books. Just finished reading The Killing WayIt was an interesting historical fiction mystery loosely based on Arthurian legend.

No Shelf Required has a free trial alert for Race Relations in America. Head over there for the login information. I’d recommend looking around at more than just that post. Good stuff there.

And because I love this song and so many of the movies featured in the compilation, here you go. Maybe it will make you grin, too.

February 16, 2017

I haven’t blogged regularly in a long time. Not sure that I have anything all that important to say, but sometimes I have more than I can put on Twitter or Facebook. Don’t get me wrong. Much more goes unsaid, except in my private handwritten journal. But maybe someone out there has some small interest in my ramblings. I’ll write for you.

We’re going to try out a 3-D printer for a little while here at work. I’m excited and intimidated in equal measure. Some days my brain feels like it’s going to spill over with new information. I’m not even sure if the old information is staying put! Seriously. How do you know if your forgetting stuff if you can’t remember what you’re forgetting? It’s a paradox.

Want to see a picture of some recent knitting? Here you go. This is a project from one of my PostStitch boxes. I really like that subscription box. It’s one of the best fiber subscription ones I’ve received. I’ve tried others that have been disappointing in all sorts of ways – from nasty yarn to projects that I’d never want to knit. We’re talking stuff that belonged on Regretsy. The PostStitch folks do a great job with the boxes. The yarn is top notch. The patterns are lovely. And you get everything else you need in the box. My only complaint is from the lazy side of my self who has to wind the yarn before I can get started. And that’s all on me. Because it’s really all about my laziness. So, it’s not a complaint about the box. Anyway, here’s the picture:


I’m not so sure about the applied cable border. But I do like learning something new. The yarn has been such a squishy soft pleasure to work with. Still…I’m anxious to get this one done so I can get started on the February box project. (I’m trying to work through some of my backlog of boxes.)

That’s about it for today. Looking forward to some warmer temperatures around here this weekend. Although I’m one of those weirdos who doesn’t mind winter too much.

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