February 20, 2017

It seems we are having a Strawberry Spring, according to my husband. Whatever it is, I’m enjoying the warmer temperatures and all the sunshine. Mostly the sunshine because it seemed like the beginning of the year was cloudy for days and days and days. Which would have been okay if those clouds had brought lots of snow. Meg the dog would have loved that, too.

I had some fun this weekend with a visit to Urgent Care that ended up becoming a visit to the ER because the Urgent Care place didn’t have an X-ray machine. What? Yeah. I hurt my shoulder over a week ago picking up a box. The box wasn’t that heavy! I’m just a klutz. I re-injured it trying to get some pasta off the top shelf at the grocery store yesterday. Apparently Kroger thinks only very tall people eat gluten free pasta. But, I got my pasta! And after the ER visit, some very good pain relievers.

Meg the dog and I did our therapy visit on Saturday morning. She got lots of good treats. Eggs and bacon and yummy dog treats. And there was the wide open window in the car to stick her head out while we drove around town. Here’s a picture of her doing her thing. She’s looking pretty happy with herself. 0107171027

Now, who wants to come clean my house for me? It’s a wee bit difficult with one fully functional arm.

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