Of Interest to me

A place to study, a place to pray  At one time, our campus had a meditation/prayer room in our Student Services area. I haven’t heard about it in over a year and am not sure if it still exists. We used to have a student worker who used an underutilized room here in the library to pray sometimes. I like the idea of students having a space on campus to practice whatever their spirituality might be…or even just a quiet place where they can sit and decompress and nothing else is expected in that space. We don’t have a lot of room in our library for this type of thing, but I’m considering what we might be able to offer.

Who’s left out of the conversation.  This was interesting because something related came up in another conversation I had with some other colleagues this week. I’ll be exploring this more along with my research on the Framework.

A Practical Guide to Improving Web Accessibility   We are working on redesigning our webpages, but are limited somewhat by the college’s platform. This guide will be helpful as we move forward. Lots of useful information to think about.

No One Can Copyright These 15 Things, and They May Surprise You  An interesting read about copyright and trademark around the world.

Books I want to read

I’m always adding more titles to my TBR list. Here are a few that I hope to have time to pick up this summer…or fall…or eventually.

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The Clarity by Keith Thomas – This one sounds like a good psychological thriller/horror story. Right up my alley. And just enough of the weird to keep it interesting and different.

The Great Believers by Rebecca Makkai – Some books promise to draw you in and touch you at your core.

The Art of Mingling by Jeanne Martinet – The title speaks for itself.

Social Creature by Tara Isabella Burton – The dark side of social networks is evident in this suspense novel.

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