Book Review

The Outsider by Stephen King

I used to be a big Stephen King fan. Every time he published something new, I was excited to get my copy. Not so much anymore.

The premise of The Outsider is typical King suspense – kind of a body snatcher story with a twist. But it never really develops into the hair-raising terror or nerve-tightening stories that he’s well known for.

There are so many missed opportunities for the creepiness factor to be upped. I won’t presume to tell an author his craft, but I was sadly disappointed with the story. I kept reading hoping for a glimmer of the former King.

The end felt rushed and almost trite. Yes, the monster might have been destroyed. Maybe, maybe not. Just like characters tend to come back in King novels; monsters often re-appear as well. The Outsider was a disturbing monster, but not particularly scary as it was written. I’m used to having nightmares from King stories. It could have been much more and I was left wanting.

At least I finished this one. I haven’t been finished his last couple of books due to sheer boredom. I’ll probably pick up whatever he writes next…eventually.

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