Book Review – The Perfect Nanny

38330854._UY2333_SS2333_The Perfect Nanny by Leila Slimani

This was a twisted story of obsessive, twisted emotion parading as love.

You go through the story knowing the tragedy that is to come. I kept hoping it was a fever dream or some sort of hallucination. But the more I learned about the characters, I was left wondering why there wasn’t a higher body count.

Louise seemed like such a perfect nanny. She cooked, cleaned, played games…a French Mary Poppins. Except this isn’t a Disney story and Louise didn’t bring a family back together before floating into the clouds with a magic umbrella. She only seems to have an identity when she is being a nanny. Her own life has never seemed to satisfy her.

The characters never felt completely filled out. I was left wanting to know more. Particularly with Louise, there seemed to be so many unanswered questions. And there felt like there more to be said about her daughter.

But it was a hard book to put down. I wanted to keep reading to see if any of the characters would exhibit some better qualities. In the end, they were all so completely human in their imperfection and inability to stop the tragic path they were doomed to follow.


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