I did a thing

We have displays. Libraries do that. We like to have displays. I worked on our kiosk one for April. It’s National Poetry Month. But I wasn’t content with only a display. There will also be some passive programming, starting with magnetic poetry. Here are some pictures of the thing.

Getting Cultural

We had a Middle East/North Africa Culture Day and the library had a table. We tried something new and checked out books. Had a few takers. Lots of people seemed surprised we’d actually let them take one of the display books home. I’m all – “We WANT you to read these books!” It was a nice way to spend the afternoon. Here’s some pictures. Because you know you want to look at pictures.

February 17, 2017

I’ve been listening to audiobooks more. Signed up for an account with Audible several months ago when I was going to the gym regularly. (Back before the appendectomy, throat surgery, and general life craziness.) Finally getting through the Game of Thrones books that way. Reading them in print killed me about halfway through the third book.

But I also take breaks from those with other books. I just finished Into the Light. Not a bad story, except it ended on a cliff hanger. Now I’ve got to move right into the next book, Away from the Dark. Reminder: don’t listen to the book if the husband is around because he’ll ask what smut I’m listening to now. Although there weren’t that many smutty parts. Just enough to make me blush.

Yes, I do still read actual paper books. Just finished reading The Killing WayIt was an interesting historical fiction mystery loosely based on Arthurian legend.

No Shelf Required has a free trial alert for Race Relations in America. Head over there for the login information. I’d recommend looking around at more than just that post. Good stuff there.

And because I love this song and so many of the movies featured in the compilation, here you go. Maybe it will make you grin, too.

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